Use Your Skills

Unparalleled financial auditing abilities, a keen eye for graphic design, or mad skills with a miter saw: whatever your unique skillset is, there’s a nonprofit that could benefit from your specific talents. Utilize your skills to volunteer in the best way you know how.

Share Your Time

Not everybody can afford to give money, but we all have some time to spare. Volunteer around your schedule, and choose the time you want to dedicate to a project.

Improve Yourself

When you volunteer with local non-profit organizations, you'll expand your network, build your portfolio, pay it forward, and feel confident about your contributions.

Skilled Labor

It doesn't matter if you need a web developer or a roofer, skilled labor is expensive. With access to our database, you can hire talent for short or long-term projects at a fraction of the cost.

Reclaim Your Time

We know you have a lot to accomplish in a little amount of time – that's why we want to make your schedule as light as possible. Hire a TimeRaise volunteer to handle the technical tasks your organization doesn't have the bandwidth to deal with.

Total Control

Every team is different so we want to make sure our volunteers fit your dynamic. Your organization will receive applications for your project just like you would any other job listing. Whether you accept their offer or not is entirely up to your discretion.

What is TimeRaise?

Volunteers are looking for more meaningful ways to give back. Nonprofit organizations are understaffed and overworked. TimeRaise connects these volunteers to nonprofits who desperately need their specific set of skills. Most volunteer opportunities involve low-skill labor and are constrained around certain times or days. TimeRaise makes volunteering both doable and appealing by matching your skills and passion with a great organization. Plus, you pick your hours and schedule so you can give back and gain new experience while still having the down time you need.  Just let us know your talents and time limits, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The best way to give back.

We all have free time, start giving it to the organizations that matter the most to you.

Flexible Schedule

Rewarding Work

Huge Impact

Hone Existing Skills

Build New Skills

Grow Your Network

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